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Atom 01030775 Blade

Atom 01030775 Blade,Atom 01030775,Atom Blade,Atom Blade 01030775


Ceeso Litmited Knives manufactures and supplies a full line of both STANDARD and CUSTOM leather cutting knives and blades. All of our standard leather cutting knives are manufactured to exceed the exact OEM standards.

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Atom 01030775 Blade
Angle: 45° – 5°

20 shore rubber 8 mm thick, medium density foam 15 mm thick, leather up to 5 mm thick, 18 m/min max. speed



Ceeso Limited based in Hong Kong.Over ten years to produce hardware blades and accessories for customers.Use the Craftsman Spirit do every detail well.

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over ten years,every product with ingenuity.
Use the Craftsman spirit do every detail well.
Real factories welcome inspection.

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We can make it according to customer drawings.

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